About The Acts 17 Initiative

Introducing the Acts 17 Initiative, launching fully in 2017 as an evangelical platform to equip believers and churches to boldly share the Gospel with the nations inside the U.S. with biblical truth and Christ-centered compassion. With an unwavering commitment to scriptural fidelity, the Acts 17 Initiative will collaborate with Gospel-centered churches, denominational entities, and parachurch ministries to strategically coordinate efforts, propose viable strategies, and develop partnerships that embrace missional involvement with immigrants and refugees in our neighborhoods. Jason Lee launched and leads the Acts 17 Initiative (in partnership with Clarkston International Bible Church)guiding churches to educate, equip, engage, and network to live out the Great Commission in their communities. As the need for the Acts 17 Initiaitve has never been greater, we have been overwhelmed by the support of evangelical leaders and partners to come along side of us. Now we invite you. 


The Acts 17 Initiative is strategically based in metro Atlanta in the Clarkston community, known as the most “ethnically diverse square mile in the U.S.” and home to over 90 unreached people-groups. The Clarkston International Bible Church(CIBC) leads the Acts 17 Initiative as a missions ministry by the local church and for local churches. While locally based, the Acts 17 Initiative and CIBC are committed to modeling, mentoring, and multiplying this immigrant/refugee ministry nationally.


Jason Lee is uniquely gifted to lead this initiative. By God's grace and for his glory he has ministered for nearly 20 years as a pastor, launched evangelical refugee/immigrant ministries in three urban areas,  led several mission efforts, and served with both of the Southern Baptist’s mission boards across 3 states and in over 20 countries. His diverse skill set, passion for the nations displaying God’s glory, ministry partnerships, and experience will help this Initiative thrive nationwide.


What we are envisioning we have never seen done before. Therefore, we invite you to partner with us, first by praying, and then by investing financially as we still launch and develop this ministry.

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